We understand that hosting foreign students can be a great experience for both the host family and the student. Whether you want to provide student homestay for the full academic year, for the duration of the students time in the UK or for short stints we are here to help. Our students require four types of homestay accommodation and these including; short term homestay, long term home stay (both under 16 years old and 16 years old and over) and language school students.

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Language School homestay

Our language school students provide our host families the chance to learn a new language and enjoy other cultures during the summer months. Language school students will have breakfast with the host families in the morning before leaving for the day to attend their language course. The students return home in the evening from 5pm onwards. The student will join the family for an evening meal which is the prefect time for them to improve their English while you improve your foreign language skills. 

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Type of homestay options: 

Long term homestay

JLC's host families provides homestay for our students attending day schools throughout the academic year. Long term accommodation is when a students stay with a host family for 28 consecutive nights or more. Our day students require half board accommodation during the school day (breakfast and dinner) and full board on all other noon-school days.

Long term homestay has benefits for both the student and the host family.

The students benefit from being immersed in the English language and culture. Staying with the same family for a long period of time helps the student to develop confidence interacting in English.

The host family benefit from developing a meaningful long term relationship with the student. While the host family develop a sense of proud that they are helping to make a difference in another persons life. 

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Short-term homestay 

We place boarding school students in student homestay during half term holidays (normally one week during October, February and May) and exeats (weekend breaks from boarding). This is referred to as short-term homestay. Short term homestay is prefect for host families that would like to have a taster of hosting students or would like to host for short periods or have children that would enjoy some company during the holidays periods. For short term homestay, the students normally arrive on the Friday in the evening and return to school on the Sunday night. 

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